My Name Is Asha. Nice to Meet You.

  • I’m Asha Geoghegan, a Multimedia Journalism major at Drake University.
  • My hobbies include art, film, writing, and trying to be funny.
  • I recently started learning to cook. At least more than just the usual beans and cheese.
  • My favorite foods include all meat and cheese alternatives. Except for plant-based hot dogs. They’re strange.
  • I try to write every day. Most daily writing is glorified to-do lists. Some of it isn’t, and will end up here.

Hello! Welcome to my page (Hi Professor Snider! Hope you’re having a good day). This page is for all of my writing. Whether it be professional, personal, or book reviews, I hope you’ll enjoy.

I’ve always wanted to do something that would change the world. Most people do. I found how I would do so while attending a fine arts high school, unsure of what kind of film I could create that would truly create lasting impact– all from clicking on one BBC investigative documentary. It transformed how I viewed film- not only could it inform, entertain, and persuade, but it could also be used to hold those in power accountable and allow others to be heard. I could be transported across the world and feel for those who lived there all in an hour or less.

Since then, I’ve graduated and am now a junior at Drake University. I’ve worked on audio, video, visual, and writing projects. All have been so fulfilling to me. Some I’m better at than others. In the past, I’ve written for DUiN Magazine, a satire student publication, and The Times Delphic, the student newspaper- I hope to continue later this year! I’ve also worked on a 48-hour film (it’s been a while, but it was quite the experience!). As for now, I’ve been working on getting an internship for the spring and summer. This fall semester, 2023, I’m currently taking classes in web content, photography, editing, and of course,  journalism. I know that each will be unforgettable!

I’ve always loved writing- perhaps a little too much. I can be a little perfectionistic with what I create, and have a tendency to stop writing moments away from the end. I hope that with writing for this blog, I’ll be able to get over that. More than anything, I want to make my family proud, whatever I end up doing. And the first step? Getting out of my own way.

Thanks for reading.


“Look at my dogs.”